Feet are often at risk in the workplace, making appropriate Foot Protection, such as safety shoes, essential for a number of jobs. We stock a wide range of safety footwear, enabling you to easily find exactly the type of shoe you need.

Safety Jogger
Safety Jogger was founded in 2001 as a part of the Cortina Group, which is with its 25 million pairs of shoes one of the largest European shoes distributors. An experience of more than fifty years in development and production of shoes gave to Safety Jogger the possibility to become in no time an international brand.

Looking for safe and strong shoes and boots for the big works? The safety shoes and boots by Safety Jogger fit your needs! Our shoes and boots are the combination of safety and comfort you are looking for.

Safety Jogger shoes and boots meet the highest safety standards and bear the S-standards S4 and S5. With these safety boots, you can handle every work environment.

Economy Range
SAM Offers a good range of Economy Safety Shoes as well.


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SAM emerged in 2006 from a long standing mother parent company that has been in the metal-works field since 1970. Witnessing the current and forecasted expansion in the Yemeni industrial sector, the aim from this company was to duplicate the success story of the mother group into the chosen sectors based on the various strengths developed and sustained by the group since its foundation.

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