Scanning and Screening (2)

Scanning and Screening

Metal & Weapon Detectors are extensively used to provide security to buildings and secure areas by scanning individuals for weapons and contraband. Most people will be familiar with their operation in airports, government buildings and banks, etc. Walk-Through and Hand-Held Metal Detectors are increasingly being used with great effect in shops, offices, theatres, nightclubs, sports stadiums, etc., indeed anywhere there are concentrations of people or where the risk of an attack is a possibility.

SAM offers a wide range of Walk-Through Metal Detectors to…
Hand-held metal detectors, whether used on their own or in…

About Us

SAM emerged in 2006 from a long standing mother parent company that has been in the metal-works field since 1970. Witnessing the current and forecasted expansion in the Yemeni industrial sector, the aim from this company was to duplicate the success story of the mother group into the chosen sectors based on the various strengths developed and sustained by the group since its foundation.

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