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Our company provides construction services for major companies and VIP customers. It is our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, contractors and visitors. As a result, we have developed our Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS) which we have documented into our HSE Manual. We have implemented our HSEMS to help us develop a safe culture to prevent accidents on our facilities and worksites.

SAM Industrial Supplies acknowledges that the contract will be implemented under hazardous, harsh and hostile conditions, in country with armed conflict and civil unrest.

This Construction Security Management Plan (CSMP) has been documented to outline and describe SAM’s approach and procedures for the management of security during the construction phase.

This document is a sub-plan of the Project Management Plan (PMP), which forms part of SAM's management system.

This plan is a 'working document' and therefore may be subject to change during the Works phase to provide an efficient and cost effective means of achieving security.

Some procedures described may require alteration, amendment, addition or deletion from time to time, which will result in the issue of a revised plan.

Scope of Work

The SAM CSMP for the Project applies to activities including:

  • Procedures for maintaining security of the Works.
  • Procedures for maintaining security of existing facilities and maintaining security of facilities completed during the construction stages.
  • Protocols for the screening of construction personnel.
  • Security training of construction personnel.
  • Security requirements for access and egress of construction personnel, materials, plant and equipment to and from the sites, access areas, security areas and construction compound.
  • Safe work method statements (SWMS) including designs where appropriate for provision of security in areas near to or adjoining operational facilities and provision of security to and within the construction compound, sites, access areas and security areas.

Our construction operations manager for the Project will be responsible for the implementation of the CSMP.

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SAM emerged in 2006 from a long standing mother parent company that has been in the metal-works field since 1970. Witnessing the current and forecasted expansion in the Yemeni industrial sector, the aim from this company was to duplicate the success story of the mother group into the chosen sectors based on the various strengths developed and sustained by the group since its foundation.

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