Under Vehicle Inspection (2)

Under Vehicle Inspection

SAM offers a range of Under Vehicle Inspections equipment to enable flexibility for your desired application and budget. The Under Vehicle Search Mirror for security personnel searching the underside of vehicles. The Under Vehicle Portable CCTV Inspection Unit is the total system for quick, safe covert and overt inspections in all environments.

The Under Vehicle Portable CCTV Inspection Unit, the total system…
A robust "wheeled trolley" under vehicle mirror, specifically designed and…

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SAM emerged in 2006 from a long standing mother parent company that has been in the metal-works field since 1970. Witnessing the current and forecasted expansion in the Yemeni industrial sector, the aim from this company was to duplicate the success story of the mother group into the chosen sectors based on the various strengths developed and sustained by the group since its foundation.

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